North Kent Eye Service



Q – Do we need paperwork from a GP for it to count as a GP referral or is it sufficient for a patient to tell us verbally that the GP told then to attend?

A – To be clarified with The Practice Group but a verbal GP referral will suffice at present.

Q – Is the ‘notification of self-referral within 24 hours’ normal working hours?

A – The Practice Group confirmed at the first Information Meeting that 48 hours will suffice.

Q – Can you clarify what we need to do on referrals:

Urgent referrals go to Rapid access or if necessary A & E (or wet AMD straight to clinic)
Non urgent: The Practice Group single point of access (details below)
Non urgent Patients under 16: The Practice Group single point of access

In the past, some non urgent (i.e. cataract and lid issues) could be referred straight to Will Adams if this is the patients choice: Now through single point of access. Indicate preference where relevant.

Q – Should non-Ophthalmic referrals be made through The Practice Group single point of access?

A – No, only Ophthalmic referrals should be made through The Practice Group single point of access.

The Practice Group Referral Details:

NHS email:

Fax: 01634 412132

Postal address:
The Practice Services Ltd
Rose House
Bell Lane Office Village
Bell Lane
Little Chalfont

Q – On the paperwork, GP name is a required field  – how do we do this when in a lot of the practices with multiple doctors the patients do not know which GP they are actually registered with?

A – The form has been amended so no longer a required field, however, please include where possible.

Q – In some areas,  there are multiple practices in one building and the patient does not know which actual practice they are registered with.

A – Without this information, the CCG will not be able to pay the claim.  Please ask the patient to ring their GP to confirm the surgery name.

Q – Fax numbers are on forms – is this really necessary when accounts are available?

A – The fax numbers are for those practices who do not have an account.


Q – Is the deadline for submitting the PEARS claim form 5 working days?

A – Monthly claim forms have to be submitted by 5th of the following month.