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North Kent Eye Service - Practice Requirements

Community Services - Practice Requirements

North Kent Eye Service

Before your practice can sign-up for this, we will need the following information:

- Full company details to appear on the contract
- Name and GOC numbers of all participating optometrists
- Practice bank details

and the following paperwork:

Practice Paperwork

- Copy of the practice insurance indemnity certificate

- For Repeat IOP Service: iRIS software set-up form (download a copy and a quick start guide below)

-    Completed Quality in Optometry checklists relating to practices subcontracting to an LOC Company (to access this, please click here to go to the Quality in Optometry website, click on NHS Contracts, and then use the drop-down box on the bottom left-hand side to click on 'LOC Company Subcontractor Checklist'.  Then complete all three checklists - General Conditions, Service Conditions and Information Governance. 

- Completed Infection Control Audit (found under the Audit tab on the Quality of Optometry website Home page). 

Click on the link below for the Quality in Optometry website.  For each checklist and the audit, you will be given the option to generate a report.  Quality in Optometry Website

Optometrist Paperwork

-    All participating practitioners to complete safeguarding training.  The DOCET training (Level 2: Adults and Children) is acceptable (please click here for a link to the DOCET website). 

- For MECS: a copy of participating practitioners' PEARS/MECS certificate

All paperwork/information should be emailed to

Please click here for a list of FAQs.