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North Kent Eye Service

The Practice Group now holds the contract to provide the “Community Ophthalmology Service” in the three North Kent CCG areas: DGS, Medway and Swale.  Please click here for The Practice Group's website and information on the service. Please see below for additional details and click here for the relevant paperwork. 

MECS 1 (fee £50 including follow-up) and MECS 2 (fee £85 including follow-up)

This is very similar to the previous PEARS contract. As far as claiming for medication is concerned, practices can, for the time being, claim for what is given to patients (at cost price). The intention is that this is built in to the overall fee once true costs are established. This is to be claimed on the monthly claim form. A copy of the monthly claim form is enclosed. For those familiar with it, there are a few minor tweaks to capture more data on source of referrals and whether a patient has cancelled an appointment rather than just DNA’d. We need to receive this form by the 5th of the following month when the patients were seen otherwise you may not be paid. Also enclosed is a copy of the record form.

Onward referrals now go to a single point of access as follows: (please note, if you are emailing then you need an account). You do not need to write separately to the GP for referrals as The Practice will communicate with the GP.

NHS email:

Fax: 01634 412132

Postal address:
The Practice Ophthalmology
Rose House
Bell Lane Office Village
Bell Lane
Little Chalfont

There are a few important aspects that you need to be aware of:

• Self-referrals: if you have a self-referral you need to inform The Practice Group within 48 hours so this can be logged (copy of notification form enclosed). You are not seeking permission, just informing them. If you have an email address please use the email address, otherwise, please fax.
• GP notification: for MECS you need to send the GP a discharge summary (for those patients you have not referred) within 5 working days. You can simply send/fax/email the record form or send a letter. Please note that you have done this on the records form.
• Record forms: The Practice Group requires all record forms for audit and verification. We have agreed that these can be batched and sent retrospectively if this is simpler for you (on daily, weekly or monthly basis).

Repeat IOP – fee £24 (flat rate)

This should feel very similar to how things worked under the old service. As with MECS, you do not need to write separately to the GP for referrals as The Practice will communicate with the GP. Medway GPs have now been added to the system. Simply refer to the single point of access as for MECS.  If your practice is not already registered on the web-based Repeat IOP system, please email Michelle Martins at for more details.

Any queries, please let us know and feedback is, of course, welcomed.

Post-op Cataract Service (Maidstone Hospital and Will Adams) - fee £45

The aim of this pathway is to enable patients who have had cataract surgery to have their post-operative care in the community, close to home.  This will not only be more convenient for the patient, but will also free up additional capacity at the hospital to see other patients.  The check-up will be done approximately four weeks following surgery.  The check-up will not constitute a full eye examination, nor will it include an accurate refraction.  Patients should be returned to their ‘normal’ optometrist/OMP for that.